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Daihonzan Eiheiji: The temple founded by Master Dogen in 1244 maintains a beautiful website that includes the illustrated story of Master Dogen’s life.

The Dogen Institute: “The Dogen Institute is the educational outreach arm of the Sanshin Zen Community. The Institute provides educational opportunities for all who are interested in the study of Dogen Zenji and his teachings. The primary mission of the Dogen Institute is to make available Shohaku Okumura Roshi’s life work on Dogen. Okumura’s translations, commentaries, and lectures will be offered through books, audio, video, and web-based materials.”

Glasgow Zen Group: This group has built an incredibly handy site that summarizes each of the Shobogenzo’s 95 fascicles (chapters). If you’re new to the Shobogenzo this would be a worthwhile pre-read.

Zen Audio: Readings of Master Dogen’s work produced by Kokuu Andy McLellan as part of his effort to make Zen and Buddhism more inclusive to people with physical disabilities and illness. You can find many of his recordings in the “Readings” section of this site.

thezensite: Maintains links to various translations and related essays as well as a page dedicated to Dogen studies.

Shambhala Publications: Maintains a dedicated Master Dogen page with useful book recommendations.

Tricycle: Master Dogen has an author page that aggregates the translated works that they have published.

Lion’s Roar: The magazine has a large archive of essays on Master Dogen from notable scholars and continues to add more.

Dogen Sangha: This site serves a worldwide group of Zen practitioners and features many resources for those interested in Master Dogen’s work.

Hardcore Zen: Brad Warner’s long running blog regularly features commentary, analysis, and teachings related to Master Dogen.


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