Editor’s Notes: New Additions

Kokuu Andy McLellan, whose readings of Dogen’s work are featured here, directed me to a fantastic resource from the Glasgow Zen Group. Their short summaries of the Shobogenzo’s chapters (all 95 of them) is quite handy. I’ve added it to the “Dogen Sites” page where I also recommend it as a pre-read for those new to the Shobogenzo.

The entire “Dogen Sites” page is a new addition. Not all of the listed sites are completely focused on Dogen’s work but they all feature useful resources. Please feel free to drop me a note if you have additional recommendations.

There’s a new section at the top of the “Downloads & Articles” page that has some recommended short, accessible reads for those new to Dogen’s work.

I’ve also added an “About” page with short write-ups on this site, Master Dogen (of course), Soto Zen, and your humble editor.